Other Options in Big Bend National Park

Don't Rush from Trail to Trail

Stop at the points of interests along the way and learn the history of the park. This picture above was taken close to Cerro Castellan, an interesting location where you can see much of the area volcanic heritage.

Boquillas, Mexico

Take a Gringo Honeymoon – Boquillas, Mexico

Have you ever heard the song Gringo Honeymoon by Robert Earl Keen? Well this is what that song is about. Pack your passports and take a rowboat across the Rio Grande.

You can get boat tickets at Rio Grande Village all the way to the east of the park. It is close to the crossing. As your captain rows you across, you’ll hear the serenading welcome you. You can then rent a donkey (or truck, horse or walk) and ride about a mile into town. Typically a guide takes you as a service but its ok to politely decline. There are a couple restaurants of great authentic Mexican food, there’s a bar, and a gift store. Everyone on the street is selling something. It is quite a unique experience, but also humbling to witness the culture. Everyone in the town is very friendly. And this is a very safe place to visit.

Bring cash. Use dollar bills for tipping. Everything is negotiable. And, again, its perfectly fine to decline anything politely.

The border just recently opened a couple years ago after 9-11. It’s nice to see the community coming back to life.

Boquillas restaurant with a Chihuahua Dog

Talk to the Rangers

Panther Junction Visitor Center In Big Bend National Park

Always stop at the ranger stations and gift stores.

There are 5 visitor centers in Big Bend – I don’t think all are open all year long. Panther Junction, in the center of the park, is the main visitor center. Talk to the rangers there, ask them about their favorite hikes in the park. They will always provide a map and detailed information. This is a great way to get context into the park.  Panther Junction also has a large topographic map of the park inside. Pick up a magnet or hiking medallion to remember your visit. I get both at all parks i visit. I try to get a medallion for each hike I do as well. I have a lot.

Trails I Want to Go On

These look beautiful from other peoples pics:

  • Boquillas Canyon Trail
  • Pinnacles Trail
  • Ernst Tinaja

There is plenty of camping in the area. I like to stay in the Chisos Basin. Book way early for fall and winter holidays. Much more can be discovered about the part in the National Park Services website for Big Bend.

Leave wildlife alone.